Role: Lead Product Designer
Skills: UX/UI/Prototyping/Deliverables
Tools: Sketch & InVision
Timeframe: September 2019 – October 2019
Launched: February 2020
Platforms: Web, Mobile Web & App
Problem: Design a calendar that will allow for 5 or more tiers of pricing for park tickets. Deliver updated designs within very short turnaround, and with minimal effort for the developers.
Solution: Disneyland previously sold 1 day tickets that were priced over 3 tiers (see here). While leading the design of this project, I looked at how we could update the tiered calendar to use additional colors and our tiered pricing key. Ultimately, the biggest hurdle with this solution was accessibility. It became impossible to create a collection of 5 colors for the tiers plus white and our darkest blue for a total of 7 colors to have high enough contrast from one another to pass accessibility guidelines. 
At the time, Disney World had been using a different calendar for ticket sales. No tiers, each date just had a price, this allowed for the sales of dated multi-day tickets at Disney World. Due to the time and tech constraints, our final solution for the updated Disneyland calendar was to leverage the Disney World calendar. Guest could select the date they planned on coming, when selected the UI would highlight the days of the same price and those less expensive to let the guest know they could use the ticket on any one of those days. 
This solution was very well received by the leadership especially since there was a consolidation of the ticket sales calendars between Disneyland and Disney World. 
Video provided by Disney. All rights reserved.

Video is from InVision click through prototype.

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