Role: End to End Lead Product Designer
Skills: UX/UI/Rapid Usability Testing/
Tools: Sketch & InVision
Timeframe: August 2018 – December 2018
Launched: May 2019
Platforms: Web, Mobile Web & App
Problem: Disney needed an online verification for their Florida residents who were required to stand in a line at Will Call to verify their residency prior to standing in a line to enter the park. The goal was to increase guest satisfaction while freeing up the cast at Will Call.
Solution: Working with amazing product and tech teams at Disney and the incredible group over at, I led the design for this project. We looked at many locations to allow the guests to self verify, including within the product pages, checkout and the cart. We tested designs where the verification was in-line on the checkout page, this solution ultimately ended up not working out because the guest had to initiate the verification process and we did not see enough interaction with the experience. 
Our final solution funneled all guests with Florida resident products in their cart through the verification process between the cart and checkout. The process included launching a modal taking the guests through's verification flow, guests that wanted to were given the ability to skip verification. Those that successfully verified would be able to skip Will Call once at the park. And their verification would be saved for a set amount of time so that in the future they would no longer be funneled through the verification process.
Images provided by Disney. All rights reserved.
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